Metito, the global leader and provider of choice for total intelligent water management solutions, is offering the world’s first biological wastewater treatment pipe exclusively in Egypt and communities in Africa and Asia. The patented Swiss registered technology has been invented by young scientists and developed by Metito for commercial applications.



Unlike other traditional wastewater systems, the revolutionary new system produces no sludge, no odor, no sound, and no waste, making it one of the world’s most eco-friendly wastewater treatment processes.


The patented green system is inspired by nature and uses a simple process to treat wastewater in an unpretentious manner, all inside a pipe. Wastewater then passes through high quality filtration stage to complete the treatment after which the treated water can be used directly for organic farming, irrigation, underground aquifer injection or safe discharge into lakes, rivers or sea, or alternatively stored in a clean water tank for later usage.


"This technology is in line with the Egyptian government's drive to preserve natural water resources though sustainable solutions and technology especially in the field of wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse in efforts to cement the notion of every drop matters and the critical importance of turning wastewater into wealth instead of waste,” said Karim Madwar, Metito Africa Managing Director.


“Biopipe is a real game changer and a serious alternative for existing traditional wastewater treatment and water recycling solutions particularly, in small- and medium- sized projects. In an era when the world is looking to enhance water security and sustainability, enabling individuals to manage and treat their wastewater at an affordable cost is critical to securing more buy-in from individuals and business alike to conserve and preserve water resources," he added.


"Biopipe is an intelligent wastewater treatment solution that can be easily installed in a house or retrofitted and integrated as part of an existing wastewater treatment plant. I am confident that Metito will help globalize Biopipe with our global network, experience, vast capabilities and the opportunities widely present for such an eco-friendly system” Madwar said.


Metito has spearheaded a number of sustainable iconic projects to ensure water security in Africa and the Middle East. These include: the 60,000 sqm - Galalah, mega seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination plant in Ain Sokhna, the largest of its kind in Egypt expected to serve a population of 1 million with a capacity of 150,000 m3/day. This project has been shortlisted for the ‘2019 Desalination Plant of the Year’ award by the Global Water Intelligence; the first independent sewage treatment plant project (ISTP) in the western region of Dammam in Saudi Arabia; and the award winning Kigali Bulk Water Supply Project - the First Bulk Surface Water Supply PPP project in Sub-Saharan Africa; and the wastewater treatment plant in the New Alamein city on the Mediterranean which is supervised by consultant Dr. Sameh Abdel Gawad of Misr Engineering Consultancy