Forbes Middle East has recognized Eng. Amr Soliman, Founder and Chairman of Mountain View, as one of the foremost real estate leaders in the Middle East for 2024.

Soliman is widely regarded as a prominent figure in the real estate sector, both in Egypt and the Middle East and North Africa region. His leadership is rooted in a strong commitment to innovation and modernization as core principles for design, architecture, and development. He has spearheaded initiatives focused on delivering innovative designs aimed at creating impactful value for families.


Soliman has successfully led the development of distinctive projects across East and West Cairo, as well as along the Red and Mediterranean coasts over the past 19 years. His vision revolves around propagating the Science of Happiness through unique architectural designs, encapsulated by the company’s vision of "Bringing life to land and spreading happiness around us." This vision has transformed the conventional perception of real estate from mere concrete structures to integrated urban communities that prioritize the application of the Science of Happiness to enhance the living experience for families.

Under Soliman's stewardship, Mountain View achieved record-breaking revenues surpassing EGP 61 billion during the fiscal year 2023, cementing its position as one of the top three real estate companies in the Egyptian market. The company has launched several groundbreaking projects with unprecedented concepts in the Egyptian market, a testament to his strategic acumen and vision.

Forbes' roster of "Most Impactful Real Estate Leaders in the Middle East" for 2024 includes 20 real estate companies from Egypt. Evaluation criteria encompass total assets, market value, revenues, land portfolio value or area, unit ownership, completed project value, ongoing project value, and the company's commitment to timely property delivery to clients.